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Discontinuance of class action for American Express merchant fees

Jul 11, 2012
Notice of Discontinuance of Class Action Proceedings against Amex Bank of Canada and Amex Canada Inc.

Take notice that, on July 11, 2012, our client was authorized to discontinue his Motion Seeking Authorization to Institute Class Action against Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. and Sony Computer Entertainment America Trading Inc. which was initially filed on April 12, 2011.

A copy of the judgment rendered by the Honourable Madam Justice Nicole-M. Gibeau, J.S.C., authorizing the discontinuance is available on the present website as follows:

Judgment on Discontinuance dated July 11, 2012

You should seek independent legal advice without delay if you wish to preserve any right of action or recourse that you think you may have against either Amex Bank of Canada or Amex Canada Inc., since our firm is no longer pursuing this matter. We are not offering any advice or opinion about the likelihood of whether such potential action or recourse could succeed or not (either as an individual lawsuit or on a class action basis).

Nothing in this notice is intended to be legal advice and you may wish to consult your own attorney.
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